Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can have any number of causes: a passing storm, a pipe break. Whatever the cause, it is a matter of critical importance that you contact someone right away that can meet with you promptly and examine your home or business thoroughly. First Response Mitigation is there to provide the expertise you need. Water damage must be cleared out and restored right away before your problems can increase.

We are a licensed and insured restoration service that covers Broward, Miami-Dade, Collier and Monroe Counties. We are available 24/7. Call First Response Mitigation at
(855) 538-7379. Our staff is trained to safely and effectively remove any damaged materials, check your house for any hidden infestations that may come as a result of excess moisture, and give you results beyond your expectations.

The owner is licensed with the IICRC to restore water damage. When you call First Response, a skilled team of professional restoration experts will be working at your home or place of business as soon as possible. Our modern equipment, restoration techniques, and powerful cleaning products will restore your property to its earlier pre-damage quality.

Water damage procedures:

When you call First Response Mitigation, a team of our water damage professionals will meet with you at your residence or place of business to begin their initial assessment of your structure. Heavy-duty pumps will pull any standing water out of the premises then your possessions or business assets will be checked for water damage and restored if possible. We use regulation-approved and certified techniques in all our services. Damaged portions of flooring and drywall will be replaced with fresh materials. We want to restore your property to its pre-damage quality.

1) The first inspection and developing a restoration plan

First thing we will do is inspect the affected areas of your property. The pertinent details of your situation will be assessed: type of water that caused the damage, extent of the damage, salvageable contents, effects on the structural materials, and other factors. This information will help formulate a plan of what needs to be done to restore your place. Also, using sophisticated moisture sensing equipment (hydrometers and infrared cameras) we will look for any hidden pockets of moisture where fungal infestations might flourish: under the floor, inside walls, or in the attic. We have to check for possible bio-hazard infestations, such as black mold or mildew that may have been brought on board by the excess moisture.

Once the inspection is completed, the First Response team will create a plan of action to restore your residence or place of business back up to a healthful condition. The plan will be presented to you with an explanation of the damages to your property. You will be given a feasible bid before our team proceeds with the restoration.

2) In case of bio-infestations

A mold infestation is not always the end-result of excess water seeping into your home, but it is always a possibility. If our inspection reveals even one colony of some kind of bio-hazard then certain precautions have to be taken. In some cases, it may have spread extensively through the property, creating a serious health risk, and your occupants may be advised to leave the property until the remediation is finished. The reason for this precaution is to protect them from dust and/or spores that will be raised into the air from the micro-organisms as our restoration team tears out drywall, flooring, and insulation. The environment becomes very unhealthy for anyone not wearing the appropriate protective equipment.

3) Salvaging contents and removal/demolition of debris

Damaged flooring, drywall, carpeting and other materials will be torn out, and the debris, safely transported away to be disposed of or destroyed in compliance with health and environmental regulations. Furniture, appliances, fixtures, and other contents inside will be taken out and any slightly damaged but salvageable items will be restored to full use. Any unsalvageable items, seriously damaged or contaminated (with mold), will be taken away with the torn-out debris.

4) Sanitizing and restoring

At this stage in the process, our team will perform the final procedures in restoring your property. Using innovative technology and strong sanitization products they will scour all infested locations (if any) found on the premises. These areas are treated with powerful antimicrobial products and detergents, guaranteed to destroy the infesting biohazard and to inhibit their recurrence.  Next, powerful industrial fans and humidifiers will be brought in and will dry any lingering moisture or humidity inside the home or business, further enhancing conditions where fungal infestations cannot thrive.

Finally, our teams will replace the old drywall and flooring with fresh material. In the end, we want to leave your family or employees with a healthful environment.

5) Final inspections

Our last step is the final assessment. After our team helps move all your salvaged and restored content back where it belongs, they will conduct an inspection of the premises, ensuring that all problem areas have been addressed. Then we will give you a walk-through to show all that was done to restore it and to answer any questions you may have.

Call First Response for a quality restoration or cleaning

First Response Mitigation offers a variety of services for residential and business customers. Our aims are to give you a job that is performed in a timely manner and with a good quality outcome that exceeds your expectations. Our professional teams can restore property with a variety of problems besides water damage restoration: for instance, flooding, mold remediation, and fire damage.

If you live or do business in our service area, give First Response Mitigation a call at (855) 538-7379. Someone is always at our phones. Everyone on our staff is trained to treat customers with professionalism and courtesy at all times. Your home or business will be in reliable hands, and we will guarantee to restore your property to a clean, healthful environment for your family and employees.

If you have water damage, don’t procrastinate that essential first contact. Never delay getting your home or office restored. Both are too important to risk. We will respond to your call promptly and get your premises restored in a timely manner.